Medical Diagnostics Facilities

Funded $22,000,000
Funded Ahead of Schedule
Expansion of Healthcare

Company Overview

As one of the leading radiology facilities in the country, this company is focused on growth. And, for nearly 70-years they have strived to create an environment where patients feel comfortable while getting the benefits of the most modern technology available. With dozens of radiology clinics lining the coast, they offer easy access to their patients. When you tour their facilities, it’s easy to see why they are the trailblazers in their industry.

CapTech +


This customer is one of the leading radiology facilities in the country and they are rapidly expanding their operations into new markets. In addition to their substantial equipment budget – they required tens of millions of dollars of funding for the construction on their new sites. Traditional lenders largely avoid projects that include soft costs and so the customer was motivated to partner with CapTech Financial as a result of our ability to deliver on their needs. Timing was also extremely important for this customer. At their request, CapTech was able to fund their construction projects well ahead of schedule, allowing them to maintain good relationships with their vendors. The customer’s expansion will vastly increase their revenues and further solidify its footprint in the world of healthcare.

It's rewarding to know that we are playing such a critical role in helping this client accomplish their aggressive growth objectives.

Company Revenue
Operating Lease; Tax Lease

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