The CapTech Difference


From internal and external data collected, our lease packages have been designed for customer success. Every detail has been taken into consideration to ensure a lasting partnership between your company and CapTech.


The best companies need the best strategy to create dominating success. We know with our endless leasing structures we provide a strategic stepping stone for any company in any industry to be at the top.


With centuries of combined experience, our management team was built to provide the best customer experience possible. From the beginning to the end, your lease is handled by only the most skilled in the industry


We know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to leasing structure. Every lease that we provide has customizable options to ensure the best fit for your company.

Lease Options

Operating Leases
Capital Leases
True Leases
Step Payment Leases
Seasonal Payment Adjustments
Tax Leases
Non-Tax Leases
Synthetic Leases
Dollar Buyout Leases
Fair Market Value Leases
Purchase Upon Termination Leases
Progress Funding Leases
Deferred Payment Leases
Balloon Payment Leases
Sale and Leaseback
Collar Leases
First Amendment Leases
Early Buyout Lease
Wrap Leases
Venture Leases