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This non-profit hospital strives to be a national model for urban health care and it’s doing just that with the ability to service more than a million people that live in the area. It provides inpatient and outpatient care, surgical, labor and delivery, primary care services, among many others. The caregivers in this hospital celebrate the opportunity to work in an open-communication environment and a place where diversity is the norm.

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CapTech was the perfect fit for a lease on $10M worth of new software and related implementation costs. The customer was merging with a large medical center and chose CapTech to finance the $10M project. Due to the merger, the customer’s audited financial statements were delayed which in turn caused substantial difficulty related to their financing needs. CapTech’s flexible underwriting was the perfect solution to a complex set of challenges. CapTech funded the transaction and provided a structure that gave the customer their preferred tax and accounting treatment.

CapTech was the perfect fit.

Company Revenue
Operating Lease; Tax Lease

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