Funded $5,000,000
Strong Partnership
Significant Funding

Company Overview

This company operates hundreds of retail centers across the country. They also have a substantial investment in entertainment and other services. This transaction was a fairly-new style venture for them. As they looked to explore an entirely new line of services, they needed a funding partner that would look at the earning potential in what could be uncharted growth for them. Their annual revenue is strong and their proven track-record indicates this new venture will be successful.

CapTech +


This customer needed a lender that could handle a significant amount of funding in a new venture they were undertaking. They were unable to secure the financing they needed through their existing bank and leasing relationships. That’s when we were able to form a strong partnership and provide them the capital they needed with exceptional terms.

We were excited to provide the critical financing to drive growth.

Company Revenue
Capital Lease; Tax Lease

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