Funded $2,000,000
Flexible Documentation
Customized Lease

Company Overview

This company started operations nearly 40-years ago. They now have a family of companies that use a headquarters that leads their industry. They specialize in everything from public tank wash facilities to long and short-haul chemical carrier transportation.

CapTech +


With good credit and a very strong personal guarantee, this company was acclimated to low-cost financing on tractors and trailers. They needed flexible documentation that would allow them to sub-lease equipment to another user. They also needed a low factor on a 60-month lease. CapTech was able to deliver a great approval and provide unique subleasing language and other customization to documentation that the customer needed.

CapTech was able to deliver a low factor lease on used equipment with customized flexible documentation that enabled the lessee to sublease the property.

Company Revenue
Operating Lease; Non-Tax Lease

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