Steen Gustafson

VP, Sales

Steen Gustafson is the Vice President of Sales for CapTech Financial. He joined the Onset Family of Companies in 2015.

Gustafson has led his team to fund over $150 million with companies across the United States, including overseas transactions. He takes lessons from every transaction to further refine and sharpen his ability to win for his customers. With the help of the outstanding Operations Team at CapTech Financial, he has completed some of the most significant and complicated transactions in the company’s history.

Gustafson tackles challenges head-on with unrelenting enthusiasm and determination. He focuses on delivering phenomenal results for his customers while building the best team in the industry. His team overcomes customer obstacles with tenacity and grit, pushing their transactions to the finish line even in the face of tremendous difficulties. As a result, many of his customers have experienced massive growth and unprecedented success.

Always competitive, Gustafson constantly challenges himself with new activities and pursuits. He lives in St George, Utah, with his wife and three kids. In his leisure time, he enjoys overlanding, backpacking, and enjoying the outdoors.